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Hello and Welcome to the Matrix home page! Here you will learn about everything we stand for, such as honor, commitment, and other bullshit like that. Feel free to visit our forums and post in our threads. Mi website, su website.


About Us

The Matrix is a fun, hardcore clan that started when the RTCW Demo was first released. It has lasted many years, and might be one of the oldest, if not the oldest clan still alive in Wolf 1.0 

We are slowly transitioning to new games, and we currently are exploring the possibilities on where we are going to move to. So far, we have decided on the following.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Call of Duty Black Ops. 

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Possibly VERY VERY Temporary)

Neo leads the clan in scrims against other clans. He has proven himself to be a valuable team player and leader throughout the years. We have made many allies in wolf, and also some enemies. Hopefully whatever we decide to do, we will keep the Matrix legend alive!

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